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Garage Doors

The type that you choose will depend on a variety of factors.  Fiberglass and wooden garage doors are typically considered the most attractive styles, but steel provides a heavy duty and maintenance free option.

An insulated garage door is a garage door that includes some special insulating materials in the cavities of the door that is meant to help protect against air intrusion. The need for insulation is needed when using garage door materials other than wood.  While wood has some insulating properties, many other materials used for garage doors do not.

Overhead garage doors are available in a variety of designs:

  • Aluminum

  • Fiberglass

  • Handcrafted Wood

  • Steel

Handcrafted Wood Garage Doors.

Handcrafted Wood Garage Doors

Commonly, an insulated garage door is one made predominately from steel. The insulated steel garage door is one of the more common types of doors on the market. They are heavy duty and maintenance free. There are a number of reasons why insulated garage doors are so much in need. The main reason is simply the sheer size of the garage door and the heat that can be lost through it.

An overhead garage door is a garage door that pulls up from the bottom and, when open, remains over the top of the vehicle.  They make a good choice because they allow for an efficient use of space.

Aluminum Overhead Garage Door.

Aluminum Overhead Garage Door

Katy Door Systems, serving Katy and the Greater Houston area is the premier source for everything door and garage related. Whether you need a  new front entry door, patio door, residential garage, commercial insulated door, fire doors, glass office building door or any type of industrial doors we can fit your needs.

A few of the many reasons for a new door are security, noise reduction and creating a new style.  A well-made, installed door is a nice, elegant addition to your home landscape.

If you are looking for that new residential or commercial door or garage in the Katy- Houston area simply give Katy Door Systems a call today at 281-599-9411 for a Free Estimate. 

Handcrafted Wood Garage Doors

Handcrafted Wood Garage Doors

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