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Resources / Links

This Old House.
This Old House can give you a lot of ideas for your home. This article offers style and design advice on garage doors.
100 Gorgeous French Doors to Open Up Your Space
CoCo Design has assembled a collection of "100 Gorgeous French Doors." They are not exaggerating with that title! Caution: After viewing this page you might become "French door mad" and want to get several for your home.
Department of Energy page on Doors
The Department of Energy maintains a page on door installation and insulation best practices. This is a handy guide for anyone looking for a scientific prospective on thermal retention.
FresHomes article on front doors
FresHomes has a lot of beautiful ideas for front doors. As we stock front doors of nearly every material seen in this article, if you see something you love, you can reference the article when you call us.
Seven Reasons to Consider Dutch Doors for Your Home
Schlage Lucks specializes in locks. This article covers the pros of Dutch Doors. They have a real point that Dutch Doors make an attractive replacement for baby gates!
Southern Living Magazine: 17 Dutch Doors We’re Absolutely Loving
Southern Living's list of their favorite Dutch Doors will give you ideas for your own home.
Lanthia Hoggs Design: Interior Doors
Lanthia Hoggs is a Colorado based interior design firm. In this article she surveys several types of interior doors including French doors, Flush doors, Pocket doors and Sliding doors.
Home & Garden Television 10 Ideas for Garage Doors
To view this gallery, use the right hand arrow. Get ideas from this page and then send us the image you like the best.
Wikipedia article on Fire Doors.
A wealth of information on fire doors, what standards they must meet, how they are constructed, and what they are made out of.
Wikipedia article on Garage Doors.
This article provides details and images on different types of garage doors. This page offers a great deal of technical information. It is a good starting point for those who wish to learn about garage doors.
Wikipedia article on sliding doors
This page has a wealth of information on sliding doors and how they work.
Wikipedia article on door security
Wikipedia's article on door security has information on many different types of threats and preventative measures.

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